art-watercolor of Paris street in the rain

art / watercolors / fabric / mixed media

The subject matter depicted in Paula's watercolors include street scenes, porches and portraits. The paintings are available for purchase as originals or prints.

design-abstract words

graphic design / layout

Paula was responsible for turning abstract concepts into leading edge digital and print communications solutions by guiding internal clients on creative concepts and technical possibilities. Logos, brochures, email HTML and design are some of the projects she's worked on.

Illustration created for Ladybug Magazine


Fabric, acrylics, oil crayons and colored pencils are used to create patterns and textures, achieving unique effects. Paula's illustrations have appeared in several children’s magazines including Highlights for Children and a children’s book Grinelda the Mad Hatter.

Paula S. Nathan is a Chicago-based graphic designer and artist, whose talents include mixed media design, fabrics, painting and illustration. She has designed and produced numerous brochures, logos, catalogs, emails and websites. Her illustrations have appeared in several children's books and magazines. Paula's watercolors have appeared in several exhibits. Contact Paula to discuss your project.
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Welcome Back, Grinelda!

Grinelda the Mad Hatter is a modern-day Cinderella story about being true to yourself, following your heart, and not being afraid to stand out in a crowd. Grinelda is available in print or electronic format on the iTunes bookstore as well as the Amazon Kindle bookstore. Grinelda would love to hear from you.
Grinelda the Mad Hatter video